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Keep cool, trendy and at the same time well protected while playing and swimming in the sun! Squids Sunwear guarantees optimum protection for your child's delicate skin against UVA and UVB rays. The sunsuits, sunshirts and girls shorts all provide UPF50+ protection, thus guaranteeing the best protection against the sun.

The material is very light, stretchy, breathable, and dries quickly, making it ideal for swimming and playing! In the Netherlands we are still not mindful enough of the sun’s harmful effects on our skin. Most people don't know or don't realize that the consequences of children getting sunburned can be very serious. The risk of skin cancer increases significantly if children of a very young age get sunburned regularly or are exposed unprotected to UV radiation for longer periods. This is something we need to take seriously, especially because you are responsible for your child’s welfare. It's often a lot of hassle to cover your child’s entire body with (too thick) suntan cream or kids rolling around in the sand end up looking like a "croquette" because the cream doesn't absorb quickly enough. Wearing the sunshirt or sunsuit solves this problem immediately. It looks good and there is special attention to details, for example no labels in the neck. Instead, the size is printed onto the fabric; a high V-neck provides additional neck protection. Your kids can play or swim and you don't have to worry about them getting sunburned.

Now you can be more relaxed on a day out or when enjoying a fantastic holiday!